Grace to Asia began in October 1997, as a satellite ministry of Grace to You, the Bible teaching ministry of Pastor John MacArthur.

With the launch of the Grace to You Singapore office, many of Pastor MacArthur’s Bible teaching resources were made available to believers in Singapore. We took over the cassette tape-lending library from CNEC and began offering the lending service through the mail and walk-in customers.  From using mass media like the world-wide-web, to radio broadcasts and regular correspondence, the Singapore office was equipping the saints, for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-14).

November 2005 marked a significant milestone for this fledgling ministry.  By God’s grace, the Singapore office was ministering to a believer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and eventually paved the way for the ministry to setup a branch office and Grace to You Berhad was formed.

January 2010 marked another significant milestone. With the blessings of Pastor John MacArthur, Grace to Asia was formed to further the work of equipping the saints.  One important avenue of our ministry is through regular correspondence.  We send regular letters updating you on ministry news and informing you how God is using our Bible teaching resources in people’s lives. You will also have the opportunity to order our latest books – many times at no charge. If you are interested in receiving these offers, click on the link below and register your interest.

Part of our ministry initiative involves our Chinese translation project.  We are partnering Grace to You, Christian publishers and other authors to translate good Bible-teaching resources into Chinese.  Many of these translated resources is made available on the internet for the edification of Chinese-speaking believers all over the world.  To date, we have translated 19 booklets, 20 Bible study resources and 11 major book titles.  To find out more about our translation project, do visit our Chinese web-site at

If you have any question about our ministry, please feel free to write an email to us at  We look forward to hearing from you.  God Bless.

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