March 15, 2020

Dear Friend,

Just imagine that we are reaching out to some people with the gospel.  For some reason, these people are very poor.  So, how do we reach out to them?  Do we dichotomize their poverty and focus only on their spiritual poverty?  Or should we do something about their physical poverty first before we talk to them about the  gospel?  But, if we help to alleviate their poverty, would we (or they) become distracted from the gospel?  

This is a simple illustration of the challenges and questions that God’s people would encounter when they get involved in “mercy ministry” — the ministry of helping hurting people.  While the foundational responsibility of the church is to teach God’s Word and proclaim the gospel, yet the church was also called to go and do justice (Amo 8:12), to care for fellow believers (1 Jhn 3:17), to be generous and ready to share (1 Tim 6:17-18); basically to have a positive impact in the world (Matt 5:14-15).  In other words, God’s people are called to proclaim and to promote the gospel.  And one way of promoting the gospel is through “mercy ministry”?  So how do we do mercy ministry? 

Since last year, we began partnering with the 9 Marks ministry, to offer you special editions of their quarterly journals.  While the primary audience of such journals are the pastors and church leaders, yet there are insightful and helpful articles as we examine this subject on mercy ministry.  Some of the articles include:

  • How mercy serves evangelism in the church and discussing the balance between being careful and yet caring.  
  • Practical counsel on how to have gospel conversations with people who are torn up and how to start a mercy ministry in your church.  
  • And some real-life examples of mercy ministries like adopting a school and reaching out to sex trafficking victims.  

So let me encourage you to request for your free copy of this special edition of 9 Marks journal by clicking on this link. Alternatively, you can write us an email ( to request for your free copy

I believe we are concerned about the coronavirus and the possible implications it has on our lives and on our loved ones.  While we may never know what God has in mind, yet, let us be assured that He is in absolute control.  May God help us to recognize how frail and imperfect this world really is, so that we will pin our longing for the perfect kingdom, where Christ reigns as King.  May He also give us opportunities to talk to people about this perfect kingdom and the perfect King.

Let us also continue to pray for those men and women, especially those in the medical profession, who braved all the possible dangers and continue to work at the front lines to battle against the virus.  Finally, take care and God bless.  

Yours in-Christ

Peter Low Ying Kit

Grace to Asia