February 10, 2020

Dear Friend,

One of the greatest challenge churches face today is maintaining her unity in Christ.

In every church, there are people from a wide variety of backgrounds, exposed to various denominational influences.  Some may understand their Christian liberties while others may find it necessary to impose strict rules for the sake of holiness.  So given such differences, how can we maintain unity and not cause rifts in the fellowship?

First of all, the foundation of unity in the church is the gospel of Christ.  By that, we mean that the gospel that we believed in must be consistent to the gospel that was taught by the prophets and the apostles; that Jesus is the Christ, and that He alone, not our good works, is the only hope of reconciling us sinners to our holy God.

However, even with a clear understanding of the gospel, differences in spiritual maturity may still cause factions and selfish actions that will fracture relationships; and sometimes such differences may even divide and cripple the church.  So what does Scripture has to say about maintaining unity in a diverse church?

Let me suggest that you consider reading through the epistle of Romans and then specifically do a study of Romans 14-15.  To help you in your endeavors, Grace to Asia has just published a study guide titled Unity in Action.  In this study, Pastor MacArthur explores the challenge of maintaining unity in the church by discussing four key principles in Romans 14-15; principles that will guide God’s people towards spiritual oneness.  So request for this free copy of this study guide titled “Unity in Action, Part 1”, by completing the response card today.  A Chinese translation of this study titled 行动上合一 will also be made available.  Please click on this link to order your free copy of Unity in Action, Part 1.

Let us pray that 2020 will be a year of us building meaningful relationships in our church, that will lead to spiritual oneness in Christ.  May God’s Word continue to be a source of encouragement and hope that we may align our lives in obedience to Him, so that we may be filled with growth and fruitfulness.  And may we enjoy the kind of spiritual prosperity Scripture promises to those whose delight is in the Lord and His Word (Joshua 1:8; Psalm 1:1-3).  

We are eager to experience all that the Lord has in store for people through our ministry in the coming year.  It is a privilege to serve you, and to serve with you for the sake of His kingdom.  His richest blessings to you and to your loved ones.

Yours in-Christ

Peter Low Ying Kit

Grace to Asia