5 September, 2019

Dear Friend

As a Christian, becoming a part of a community of believers is a vital aspect of our Christian faith and spiritual growth.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is not just about MY salvation and MY sanctification.  It is about life together with fellow believers so that the “whole structure, being joined together grows into a holy temple in the Lord” (Ephesians 2:21).  For many churches, that would imply church membership.

But what is a healthy church member?

Well, for some people, the image of a healthy church member is someone who not only attends church services regularly but also participate in the various church programs and events.  A healthy church member is also seen as someone who is committed and tirelessly serving in the ministries of the church.  It is also reflective of someone who would faithfully give to the financial needs of the church. But is that more to being a healthy church member?  Is becoming a Christian limited to just some changes in what we do and where we “invest” our money?

Well, to answer that vital question, let me encourage you to request for this wonderful little book titled What Is A Healthy Church Member?  Based on a clear explanation of some Bible passages, this book gives us 10 marks of what a healthy church member looks like.  It tells us how God intends for usto play an active and vital part in the body of Christ, how to experience the local church as a meaningful place on earth, and how church members can be healthy.  So to receive your free copy of What Is A Healthy Church Member?, click on the link here ( and follow the instructions provided (only available to customers in Singapore).

We thank God for the opportunity to minister to your spiritual needs.  His richest blessings to you and your family.


Love in the Truth

Peter Low Ying Kit
Grace to Asia