Mercy Ministry in the Church (9 Marks Journal)


The local church is called to teach God’s Word; that is her God-given role.  However, the church is made up of people; God’s people, who must go and do.  While the church’s resources (staff time, budget monies, etc.) are available for something more than teaching, they might be wisely and wonderfully stewarded in helping church members to pursue the good deeds that Jesus commands them to do.  So this journal offers constructive help for how local churches might pursue organized mercy ministry.  Some of the topics in this journal includes:

  • How mercy serves evangelism in the church and the topic on being careful and yet caring.
  • Practical counsel on how to have gospel conversations with people who are torn up and how to start a mercy ministry in your church.
  • And some real-life examples of mercy ministries like adopting a school and reaching out to sex trafficking victims.