Heaven, Part 1


A quick look at a list of bestselling Christian books and you will see that heaven is a hot topic. After all, who does not wonder and long to know more about the place you will forever live in the presence of God, untouched by sorrow, pain, and fear. What will it be like? What will you do in heaven? How will you recognize and relate to loved ones there?

The problem is, runaway books about heaven are selling—and misleading people—by the millions. They are filled with fabricated, fictional accounts that claim to tell the truth about heaven, but are not.

Introducing the MacArthur’s study guide entitled Heaven. In this study simply titled Heaven, Pastor MacArthur takes an in-depth, biblical explanation of God’s eternal city. Topics that will be covered include what heaven is, what it is like, what Christians will do in heaven and what we will be like; topics that will teach us about our glorious, future home.